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Maldives Surf Trips in North & South Malé Atolls

North & South Malé atolls are arguably the heart of the surf in Maldives. With up to 20 breaks within a 2h radius (by dhoni, expect 30min dy speedboat), that's the highest density you can expect.

North Malé is where you're most likely to get good size surf but that's where crowds can get thick. If you're not an experienced surfer, you'd probably better off going South Malé for a much lower crowd pressure. But that would only be monsoon time (May 15 - Sept15).

maldives surf  NORTH MALÉ

- Best density of lefts & rights
- Best consistency during heart of SW monsoon (June-August)
- Best proximity to Malé airport
- Thickest crowds (6-14 surf boats, 3 surf resorts, 5 surf guesthouse, local surfers)
- 2 spots exclusive to resorts, best swell orientation (S-SE).

maldives surf  SOUTH MALÉ

- 1 to 2h30 cruise from Malé
- 2 to 4h from North Malé (Sultan’s)
- Easily combined with North Malé
- Needs big SW swell or medium SE
- Still quite uncrowded when on
- Part of Central atolls itinerary trip (Riptides).

Maldives Malé Atolls map
Route map for surftrips in N&S Malé Atolls
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